Why Helbling?

Testimonials of our employees

Frederic De Simoni, Team Section Lead at Helbling Technik

As a partner for innovation, Helbling faces challenges daily in forging new paths. Collaboration with companies that are pioneers in digital transformation make our work especially exciting. Working together with our customers in shaping the future is a fascinating opportunity that requires creativity, openness and a willingness to learn. The sharing of knowledge in a variety of disciplines is unique at Helbling and allows for new approaches being turned into reality through new configurations of specialists.

Linda Arnet, Project Lead at Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung

In my position at Helbling, I enjoy the variety that comes with working on many different projects and activities. Another bonus is that, as project manager for the Construction Engineering Client Services team, I can freely divide up my work over long stretches and profit from flexible working times. I also have a great deal of independence in planning and carrying out my tasks, based on my manager’s trust in me.

Matthias Pfister, Head of Development Team Optical Data Science at Helbling Technik

I enjoy the development opportunities that arise from challenging, high-tech projects and working with competent colleagues. When I first joined Helbling, I was given the opportunity to broaden my professional knowledge and tackle exciting interdisciplinary challenges. Soon I was managing small projects, and then larger ones, with more influence over their management. I now act as a contractor within the company and am building a team that specialises in a new service. I love the versatility and am fascinated by our constant discoveries of new fields of activity.

Blenera Fazliji, Assistant at Helbling PLM Solutions

Helbling provided me with two professional opportunities that I immediately took advantage of. After completing my office assistant training in 2016, Helbling offered me a shorter apprenticeship as a clerk, and during that time I could count on all manner of support. After successfully completing the apprentice, I had the great luck of being hired for an open position in the PLM Solutions division. After just a few months, I was convinced: Helbling gives me an outstanding basis for further training in my professional future!