Working for Helbling Business Advisors

Project Team Member

As a consultant, you’ll work with clients at their place of business together with a Helbling team, and will be involved in one to two projects. You’ll work independently on your work packages, for example on analyses for identifying optimisation potential and on suitable measures to exploit that potential. For your work, you can make use of various tools from Helbling’s know-how pool, which you can adapt and further develop to fit each specific case. These include such tools as integrated financial planning, which you can use to represent and measure the impacts of suggested measures with the help of pivot charts and macros. You communicate regularly and openly with your project manager and your project team so that the individual work packages are harmonised to form a whole. Depending on the project, you and your team work closely with the customer; you also enjoy social activities with one another despite the intense project work.

Project Manager

As project manager, you work on two or three projects simultaneously, acting as the primary contact partner for the customer. For at least half of each week, you’ll be at the customer’s place of business, ensuring the project’s execution. This also includes planning and management of the project team and the corresponding organisation and oversight of individual work packages. Your work also includes being responsible for project team member development and sharing your knowledge and experience with them. In addition to project work, you are involved in customer acquisition – on one hand with a great deal of independence and freedom to acquire additional projects as well as potential new customers and projects, and on the other hand in the preparation of detailed offers. You take an active role in pitches and present parts of the offer or reference examples from previous work.

Project Leader

As project leader, you are chiefly responsible for acquisitions and customer care and have supervisory control over ongoing projects. You discuss the projects’ progress and challenges with the project manager. You actively contribute your experience, give input on how comparable problems were solved in other projects and verify the obtained results. Of equal importance are your meetings with potential customers who have ideas they want to firm up. These meetings generally lead to quotes that you prepare together with your team. In the development of services, you’ll work together with a member of your team to prepare a plan to create a viable method for identifying areas of potential. You’ll frequently take part in events and affairs hosted by business partners in the late afternoons or early evenings.