Megatrends in Food and Beverage


What are the trends in the food and beverage industry? How will nutrition look like in the next few years? How are we going to consume food? Based on 20 years experiences in the development of food and beverage systems, we are sensible to the changes in the food industry. We have observed trends that are redefining the products, the consumer experience and the technologies.

The product is natural and sustainable

As the consumers are becoming more health
conscious, the most rising trend is to go back
to nature, where synthetic ingredients or sugar are prevented, and natural ingredients are used to promote health. Going back to nature also applies to the way the product is consumed. The consumers expect a simple packaging that shows the healthful benefits. The marketing of natural and healthy food is driven by the food labels that are emerging and propose various definitions more or less restrictive for the products and the processes.

Sustainability is the mission to use the resources, i.e. social, environmental and economic, with responsibility and thus allow all future generations worldwide to enjoy a desirable planet. Sustainability is an integral part of the product development process. Concretely, this means:

  • Integrate the sustainability aspects at an early stage of the process
  • Consider the complete life cycle, i.e. sourcing, production, distribution, use and waste disposal, and take actions from the LCA and reliability plan
  • Conserve and use water efficiently
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Prevent waste instead of manage waste


The experience is unique and premium

A product is no longer only about its quality. It is about its ability to engage the customer and build a unique experience. Engaging the consumer requires its physical (active contribution, self-made) and digital (social media, loyalty program, VR/AR) participation. Product personalization can also deeply engage the consumer by touching specific personal aspects, like emotion (individual taste, customized packaging), health (allergy-free, anti-aging), religious (kosher, halal), vegetarian or weight-control (low-calorie, low-carbohydrate).

Consumer behavior is changing, Premium has become an expectation of everyday life. Premium is about a great experience, meaning “great …

  • … quality”: product, service
  • … value”: fidelity bonus, additional service
  • … convenience”: right time delivery, 24/7/365
  • … predictability”: know what to get


The technology is smart and convenient

As consumers are connected at home, at work or anywhere they wish to enjoy a digital service, thus generating valuable data on behavior and needs. Smart technologies can help better understand the consumers and design products that fulfill their individual needs. New services and experiences are made possible by the spread of IoT devices in kitchens, offices or restaurants. The challenge is the privacy of the experience that requires a high level of data security.

In addition to be smart, the technologies must be convenient. Only this way they can be used to make our lives easier and allow us to be more efficient in our activities. The technologies focus on:

  • Usability: easy-to-use, 1-click approach
  • Reliability: zero failure, zero waste
  • Comfort: pleasure, wellbeing
  • Mobility: on-the-go consumers, sport, outdoor
  • Accessibility: isolated places, drone delivery


We would like to thank our clients and look forward to realizing further innovations for food and beverage systems.