Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen – Preliminary energy analysis

Project description

For the globally operating company Schoeller Textil AG, sustainable farbrication of its products is of paramount importance. A preliminary energy analysis of their plant in Sevelen clarifies the usability of different waste heat sources. It is shown which area of the plantare suitable for further energetic consolidation, respectively, whether a comprehensive energy analysis with the pinch method is worthwhile.

Key data and technical details

  • Project duration: 2 months
  • Year of mandate: 2018
  • Energy needs: Natural gas (Ho) 13.2 GWh/a; Electricity 8.9 GWh/a
  • Currently available heat recovery: > 3.5 GWh/a
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  • Basic study and analysis of the submitted data, on-site inspection and workshop with the customer, evaluation and processing of the received data
  • Determination of relevant thermal sources and sinks, estimation of the optimization potential
  • General evaluation of the data basis, the documents and the metrological recording of the entire system
  • Examination of the added value of a supplemental energy analysis with the pinch method
  • Prepare a brief report and present the results of the preliminary analysis at site

Result / Success

Helbling identifies an additional potential of heat recovery (WRG) of about 10 GWh/a. Nearly 20% of this could be used for internal hot water production. The remaining low-temperature waste heat potential could be used for a district heating system to produce heat and warm water in the neighbourhoodd. At the same time, the rough analysis confirms that energy efficiency already has a high priority at Schoeller Textil AG: 3.5 GWh/a of heat recovery energy is used today, thus reducing natural gas consumption.


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