The effect of national road construction standards on cost – Builder consultation

Project details

In three subprojects, Helbling analyzed the effect of construction standards on the costs of national road construction. In subproject A, the consequences of standards were analyzed, before the special conditions in Switzerland were analyzed in subproject B. Subproject C analyzed the structure of the Swiss construction industry. In conclusion, this was compared with neighboring countries, and a synthesis was developed.

Key data and technical details

  • Investigated expenses: 122 billion Swiss Francs
  • Project duration: March – December 2011


  • Identify and analyze the data relevant to the road networks, regions and specific objects
  • Analyze specific cost trends (for tunnels, routes, engineered structures, the Association of Swiss Architects, noise protection, etc.) as well as special areas that can potentially affect cost
  • Analyze the Swiss production process
  • Draft reports for the subprojects and synthesis, including recommended measures


The analysis revealed that the development of standards in national road construction has little to no effect on costs. Helbling concluded that the primary influence was the choice of the route for expressways.

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