Factory Planning & Production Optimization

Our experts from various divisions make us the perfect contact partner for all matters relating to factory planning and production optimization.

Acting as a coordinator between clients, planners, contractors and machine suppliers, we support the conceptual design and planning of new production sites or factory expansions and supervise their realization on behalf of the client.

We help customers optimize their production process by improving the material flow, optimizing intralogistics systems and achieving the right degree of automation.

We help you with the following core services

Factory planning

Our factory planning services cover all phases of the planning process, from the definition of requirements and conception and planning of intralogistics and technical building equipment (TBE) to the supervision of construction works. Operating and investment cost calculations provide a solid basis for decision-making.

As an independent service company, we always remain neutral, regardless of the solution. This allows us to represent the interests of our customers in their entirety and provide advice in choosing systems and other partners (constructions companies and suppliers).

Typical activities include:

  • Defining requirements for new production sites or for conversions and expansions of existing ones
  • Assessing properties, sites and building conditions
  • Defining and specifying manufacturing and production equipment, dimensioning required storage and logistic systems
  • Creating plant structures and factory layouts
  • Validating and optimizing concepts by way of material flow simulation
  • Devising economical and ecological energy supply concepts
  • Carrying out investment cost and profitability calculations
  • Specialist planning of HVAC and building automation
  • Tenders for planners, total or general contractors
  • Client representation / consultation

Production optimization

We identify optimization potential in existing production facilities with a view to reducing costs, improving delivery capability and increasing quality. We help our customers develop solutions that make production more efficient, flexible and sustainable by consistently focussing on the value stream and the required operating and auxiliary equipment.

Typical activities include:

  • Analysing processes with a focus on production, assembly and logistics
  • Carrying out value stream mappings to identify optimization potential
  • Technology evaluations and devising solutions for optimizing material flows, degree of automation, etc.
  • Carrying out flow and throughput simulations
  • Conducting economic assessments (manufacturing costs and payback calculations)
  • Preparing equipment or system specifications
  • Assessing system suppliers
  • Obtaining and comparing offers from system suppliers

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