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Business consultancy for growth and profitability – implemented.

Effective and efficient value creation does not happen by itself, but is based on stringent concepts, systematic decisions, and the continuous development of areas for improvement. We support you within three dimensions. First, from optimizing individual processes and sites to the design of your entire production network; Second, across the whole value chain from your suppliers to your customers; Third, over the total product life cycle from product development to after-sales services.

Based on our experience and established methods, we analyze your initial situation and define visions and objectives. In collaboration with your staff, we work out feasible improvement measures with quantified potentials and accompany you in their sustainable implementation and organizational anchoring.

Together we increase the competitiveness and profitability of your company.

We support you with the following core services:

Global Production Footprint

To maintain or strengthen your global competitiveness, you want to improve more than individual processes and sites and thus apply more comprehensive optimization levers across your entire R&D and production network.
We support you in optimizing your global footprint and the division of work and collaboration across your sites. Doing so enables you, among other things, to reduce your costs and improve your flexibility towards your customers:

  • Strategic overview of your sites and their capabilities, roles, and development potentials
  • Organizational structure and footprint of your production network
  • Exchange of production capacities and competencies as well as collaboration between sites
  • Degree of standardization and centralization of processes, decisions, and systems
  • Network supply chain and work content, including tangible make-or-buy considerations

Supply Chain and Procurement

You want to gain transparency about your supply chain, align it better with your needs and goals, or reduce your dependence on your suppliers.
We support you in tailoring your processes, organization, IT tools, and infrastructure to the different needs of your customers:

  • Review and develop your supply chain strategy
  • Introduce or improve an integrated Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP)
  • Enhance procurement strategy, supplier management, operational purchasing, and the organizational structure of procurement
  • Optimize production, logistics, and distribution
  • Define and support strategic outsourcing projects

Process optimization and productivity

You want to increase your competitiveness through effective and efficient processes and make optimal use of your staff and assets.
We support you in reducing costs, cycle times, and system interfaces, as well as in making structures and processes more flexible, and thus improving your productivity:

  • Implement Business Excellence within business processes
  • Process management, controlling, and organizational structure
  • Assess end-to-end processes incl. system support
  • Process optimization and Lean Management
  • Key performance indicators and productivity assessments

Innovation and product management

You want to improve the innovation performance in your company and create the necessary preconditions for this to happen.
We support you in optimizing the planning, management, and implementation of innovations in new and existing product portfolios. Thereby we shorten times-to-market and achieve higher innovation rates as well as lower product and development costs:

  • Review and elaborate the innovation strategy
  • Assess and improve innovation management
  • Optimize portfolio management and product range, e.g., to reduce complexity
  • Design innovation management and processes based on the Helbling Innovation Landscape
  • Align development processes and the (global) R&D organizational structure

Additionally, we provide the following services:

  • Evaluation and usage of IT and technologies
  • Program and Project Management
  • Transformation and Change Management
  • After Sales & Customer Services



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