Optical Systems

Optics is a multidisciplinary field and offers unique technical solutions for a wide range of problems. Embedded in Helbling’s entire service portfolio, we are combining specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the field of optics development.

We support you with the following core services

Optical Systems Development

Together with you, we develop customized optical systems, components and assemblies for various applications. We always attach great importance to the holistic consideration of a system ranging and we equally consider technical and economic feasibility of the proposed solutions. We integrate the different core disciplines such as

  • Optics and photonics
  • Mechanical and opto-mechanical design
  • Opto-electronics, analog- and digital electronics
  • Embedded software

Optical Measurement Technology

Conception and dimensioning of sophisticated optical functions for measurement and sensor technology in the wavelength range UV to IR (coherent, incoherent), e.g.,

  • Distance measurement, e.g., by means of triangulation, time-of-flight or stereovision
  • Laserspectroscopy, fluorescence photometry, gas sensing, straylight sensors
  • Interferometry, e.g., spectral or time resolved optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Eye diagnostics, eye tracking
  • Camera-based systems, e.g., computer vision, stereo endoscopy, and hyperspectral imaging
  • Low-cost optical sensors, e.g., presence detection, flow sensors, rain- and light sensors

Optical Design

Dimensioning, simulation, and optimization of imaging and non-imaging optical systems, in particular

  • Light guides and illumination optics
  • Beam shaping and laser optics
  • Application specific camera lenses
  • Glass- and plastic optics, micro-optics
  • Freeform optics
  • Diffractive optical elements
  • Ophthalmic optics and corrective optics, e.g., spectacle lenses, contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses

Signal- and Image Processing

For your devices and systems, we develop customized algorithms for signal- and image processing. The algorithms are optimized for the embedded systems on your devices. We can support you with classical processing as well as with artificial intelligence and machine learning methods:

  • Recognition and classification of objects
  • Object-Tracking (in 6 degrees of freedom)
  • Barcode Reading
  • 2D and 3D metrology: Algorithms for stereo cameras and for 2D metrology

Design- and Laboratory Infrastructure

We use modern design tools, such as ZEMAX/OpticStudio, LightTools and Code V, for modelling and simulating optical systems. These are complemented with different proprietary development tools and tool chains. Our high-quality laboratory infrastructure enables us to implement and comprehensively characterize and test the performance attributes of demonstrators, functional models, and prototypes in experiments.

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