Studies, reports and guidelines

Drafting studies, reports and guidelines requires in-depth expertise and experience as well as an eye for details and formulations tailored to the target public. Our independence is a guarantee of objectivity. We offer a reliable foundation for political discussions and provide support in arguing your case. Guidelines outline standard goals and the process to achieve them. With our assistance in this area, we boost the effectiveness of planning and construction.

We help you with the following core services

Studies – The foundation for decision-making

Mastery of the fundamentals are essential in order to succeed in a political debate. We offer a reliable foundation for decision-making. We anticipate questions and provide the responses. Either independently, together with the client, or as outlined by planning departments. We offer studies of:

  • Traffic infrastructure – rail and road
  • Energy production – nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, alternative
  • Energy transmission – electricity, district heating, energy, natural gas
  • Water and power supply
  • Waste disposal– energy from wastewater and resources from garbage

Report – An independent perspective

In addition to second opinions offered as a consultant, we provide:

  • Expert opinions for courts regarding compensation
  • Insurance reports regarding compensation

Guidelines – Enhance efficiency with standards

Guidelines and standardized instruments allow you to reach your goals more quickly, increase in the performance of the organization and exploit untapped economies of scale. We provide:

  • Technical and professional guidelines
  • Procedural guidelines and instruments

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